Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Bling

Here is some more jewellery that I made this weekend, I'll be giving this as a small gift for xmas to someone special :) Beads again where bought in Michaels and Walmart.

This Weeks Makes

Here is some jewellary that I've made this weekend, using beads that I bought in Michaels and Walmart while in Orlando last week. The weather was freezing, the coldest weather that they have had in 30 years.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Some more snowy day pics

Yesterday morning at 8.30am Angel wanted to go for a walk and so I grabbed my hat, scarf, gloves and camera and headed out. I'm so glad I brought my camera (well my parents camera really, I've lost mine somewhere along the line) and took these pics. The last one has to be my favourite. I also love the one of Angel, you couldn't see the poor thing's body as she got further into the garden.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Some More Snowy Days Pics

Snow Day

It's been snowing pretty much non stop since Saturday 27th Nov and it's still snowing. I reckon there are a couple of inches, at least 6 inches of snow outside and more to come. Last time I saw snowfall like this it was 1982 and I was only about 5, years ago. I was reminiscing today when I saw the snow and so got snap happy.

Bare Basic Boxes

Here are a couple of Bare Basic boxes that I've altered using pale gold acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, ribbon and peel offs. Love making these now, just wonder who to give them to and what to do with them. I've more coming in an order from my fav online craft shope Cardz n Scrapz and already know what I'll do with them :)

Another Snowy Day Awaits

OH and his friends are often looking for ice to cool down their beer. No need to go looking now, they have their own homemade freezing system in place. lol

I can't believe how much snow has fallen on my car in the space of 10 minutes. I was only out a short while ago clearing it off the car when I headed to college, only to find out it wasn't open today due to the snow fall.

My back garden looks like a blanket and is so beautiful to look out on. Wonder where Angel has hid her treats though and if she will be able to find them when needed lol.

Polystyreine Xmas Wreath

I used a took a plan white polystyreine ring, painted it in pale gold acrylic paint and let that dry. I then used a red satin ribbon and held it down with ds tape and ran it around the wreath. I then tied a red satin ribbon, created a loop and held together on the wreath with my glue gun. Having bought some fake flowers my MIL, I decided to use one of them, cut it down to size and use the glue gun to affix it to the wreath.


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