Friday, January 28, 2011

Inspirational Card

I made this card this evening using ends of stash I had left over. I used to be terrible for throwing away bits left over, but am enjoying finding ways to use up bits. After all, aren't crafters meant to be economical lol

The quote is from K&Company Tag Pad, which I bought over 2 years while in Florida. I knew it was there but kinda forgot and didn't know what was in the pad. I'm trying to use up stash before I go off and buy more, a hard thing that it is. The little pink dots on the corners are card candy which are addictive to use. The rest is self explanatory.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pretty In Pink

I made this card using an image that I had used for another card and never got to give it to the intended recipient. The backing paper and ribbon are the ends of stash that I had and didn't know what to do with. It's a really cheerful looking card. Just need to find someone to give it to now :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thank You Card

As the first months challenge 2011, Craftyfingers over on Cardz N Scrapz set the challenge to Think Pink, using paper, ribbon and anything pink.

Not having made a card since before xmas and really wanting to go into my craft room (known as the land that man forgot) I got the courage and entered the room tonight. I felt like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom, wondering if I would ever make it out alive.

I came out alive and got working on my entry, this is what I made. It's a simple card but I've lost my mojo and am trying to find it again. So I'm happy with it for now.

Having been into my craft room, I realise how much I miss it, but I've really got to spend time sorting it out or I'll never fully appreciate this wonderful craft.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Planting Spring Flowers

With Spring around the corner and looking out my dull boring back garden, I've decided that this year I'd like to plant some flowers and in pots, so my dog can't dig them out of the ground. The sad part though is that I'm a total novice and don't have a clue as to what I need and how soon I should have them planted by.

All I know is that I need the

and lots of patience. Other than that I'm clueless, so it will be an interesting project for me, once I learn what I need to learn. I'll take pics once I start.

More pics of Fr. Collins Park

I thought it was beautiful watching the sun shine through these windmills. The windmills used to be turned off, but they have started them going again and the noise is unreal. God help the poor people living right on top of the park, with all that noise. But the sun shining through is beautiful none the less.

This waterfall is so tranquil to look at. I often break my walk in the park and sit on a bench, listening to music and mellow out just looking at the water sliding off the fall. Isn't it beautiful??

Fr. Collins Park

While walking through one of my favourite places, Fr. Collins Park, I just had to snap at these ducks and swans I saw, that looked so peaceful as they swam through the water. While looking at the ripples in the water, it reminded me of a poem I had written, called Wave of Life.


Look at a wave and what do you see

A little pull and push on the sea shore

Sometimes the wave is rocky

Sometimes the wave is calm

But it stays strong

Now look inside yourself

How do you feel?

Sometimes a little rocky

Sometimes a little calm

But as you look further

You will see

That your life is like a wave

Sometimes it pulls you and

Sometimes it pushes you

But not always rocky

If you can embrace your life

With the beauty that you see

It will become calm

Life will no longer be a struggle

For every wave that knocks against the shore

Gets stronger ever more

So keep an open mind and be positive

You will overcome the rocky wave

And learn to be calm again

Copyright Niamh O’Grady

December 2008

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Scrap Room Tour/ My PINK Heaven

I just love this room to, but she has so much space which I don't think I have lol. I love looking at how she stores everything and they all have their own special place. The room is PINK which I LOVEEEE and is so so girlie. I love how she stores her ribbon in the drawer and they have dividers, so you can see them clearly. I'm seriously inspired by this room and all her gorgeous cards to.

An Organized Craft Room!

This craft room is cool, the space in the basement is used to the max and there are some great concepts. Just love the white against the green walls. The trays, boxes and storage units are fantastic. I'll be considering these concepts when it comes to decorating my own craft room.