Sunday, September 18, 2011

At Last A Craft Room To Be Proud Of

I have been crafting since 2008 first starting off with stuff in a shoe box, then progressing to a basket and then to a room. For four years while I've had a room to myself I've never ever been happy with it. No matter what I tried for organisation it just didn't work. The past year my stash has been stored (plonked) in crates on the floor of my room. I've tried to organise it but just couldn't and haven't enjoyed my crafting as I much as I should. It was called "My Craft Room Of Shame"


I've spent the past two weeks on and off sorting through my room and now have a Craft Room to be proud of.


I will NEVER let my craft room go back to the way it was. I just feel so great in this room and know where everything is. It's been hard work but so worth while.


  1. hiya Niamh , i know i seen this over at cns earlier but stopped by for a peek and had to tell you again , great craft space and so calm now for your creativness to flow x tfs

  2. perfect place to craft Niamh,
    now you just have to keep it tidy,
    see you Sunday