Monday, April 2, 2012

Itsy's 3x3 inches

Here are some itsy's that I made for some angels over on LOT{S}B. I hosted a swap recently to make itsy's and one of the girls, a friend of mine, was very badly flaked on. She made and sent three itsy's to her partner who then disappeared and never sent anything in return. I was sickened when I heard this especially as it wasn't the first time to happen. Knowing I wouldn't have time and in a real panic to help Linda out, I asked for some angels to step in and help out. Three wonderful ladies did just that and expected nothing in return. But me being me had to thank these wonderful ladies for being such genuine caring partners and so I made these to post on to them. They are little itsy's which have tags in them and upon the tags are friendship quotes. Thankfully there was just one flaker in my swap and every other participant carried out their commitments, which I'm extremely grateful for.

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  1. Gorgeous Itsy's Niamh, (never heard of these before till you displayed them) Really cute idea.