Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fr. Collins Park

While walking through one of my favourite places, Fr. Collins Park, I just had to snap at these ducks and swans I saw, that looked so peaceful as they swam through the water. While looking at the ripples in the water, it reminded me of a poem I had written, called Wave of Life.


Look at a wave and what do you see

A little pull and push on the sea shore

Sometimes the wave is rocky

Sometimes the wave is calm

But it stays strong

Now look inside yourself

How do you feel?

Sometimes a little rocky

Sometimes a little calm

But as you look further

You will see

That your life is like a wave

Sometimes it pulls you and

Sometimes it pushes you

But not always rocky

If you can embrace your life

With the beauty that you see

It will become calm

Life will no longer be a struggle

For every wave that knocks against the shore

Gets stronger ever more

So keep an open mind and be positive

You will overcome the rocky wave

And learn to be calm again

Copyright Niamh O’Grady

December 2008