Sunday, February 13, 2011

Card inside a card

I decided to sort out my stamps yesterday and give them some type of order, they used to be just thrown in a drawer. This time I placed images in an album and sentiments in another album. It's amazing what you find when you start sorting through your craft stuff, that's just one drawer that I sorted.....goodness knows what else I'll find when I sort my craft room. Anyway, having found some stamps that I forgot I had, I took great pleasure in using them. I've a number of birthdays this month and decided to do a birthday card.

I had wanted to do something different to my usual style and so I made a card within a card. I love how it turned out and see myself making another one soon.


  1. Wonderful card Niamh, pretty butterflies.
    I've been having a sort out too only because my computer broke and I couldn't be bothered cleaning the house LOL!