Saturday, February 5, 2011

When does Blazing Red become Flourescent Pink?

I've decided to give my husband a LOVE album for valentines day, decorating it with photos and little verses throughout the album. I started off last Sunday by sanding it down, Tues and Wed painting it with acrylics, giving it a nice white base and then yesterday, Friday, spent time covering it in Stazon Blazing Red ink. I had painted it white so the red would come up deeper, as the colour was Blazing Red I thought perfect. Then I headed out for a couple of hours and left the album drying.

When I got back, what I saw was not Blazing Red, no in fact it had turned into Flourescent Pink, yes Flourescent Pink! Now how do you get from Blazing Red to Flourescent Pink one might ask. The answer to that, I have no idea on earth. So I sat there teary eyed, all this hard work and it was Flourescent Pink. Yes, valentines does come with pinks and reds of every shade, but I didn't want it pink and certainly not Flourescent Pink. Sitting there wondering what to do, do I throw it out or try to slavage it, then it came to me. I had only purchased this fantastic item from Cardz n Scrapz

Glimmer Glam Big Apple

So I set off covering the entire album with this gorgeous product. Hey presto it has worked!!! Woohooo!!! Thank you Tattered Angels for such a wonderful product and thank you Cardz n Scrapz for stocking it. It has done the job and now I can go off about finishing the album. I reckon it's going to take another couple of days before I have it finished. But I'm so excited and it looks so much better than I had expected. I'll be sure to post the album up here when done.

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  1. oooh, looking forward seeing the end result xx