Monday, March 28, 2011

A RAK I received

I signed up to do a RAK Swap over on Life On The {Scrap} Beach and my partner Nishi sent me over such a wonderful RAK. I've put full photos of everything over on the page My Life My Lens. But here is a key ring that she sent me and I just love the sentiment on it.

Nishi also sent me this beautiful card

which reads

My Wish For You

May you find clarity and clam
to a world no-one understands.

May your pain and sorrow
motivate you to walk tall
and face new challenges
with braveness and optimism.

May you come to know
that there are people around
who share love and understanding
especially when you feel deserted.

May your eyes open
to see the good in others
so that you can uncover
the joy locked in every day.

May an inspiring word,
a tender loving touch
and jubilant laughter
be yours....every day!

May all this rub off on others
and be reciprocated in abundance.

.....And may love embrace you
wherever you may go.


  1. Uhooi..
    The card you created is very interesting,,,