Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What a sight to see!!!

Ok so this morning after dropping hubby to the Dart I decided to go to a local park to have my walk. The mornings are getting brighter and I want to lengthen my walks after the winter months. So I headed off with my little girl (four legged little girl) Angel.

We got to the park and I saw people walking so thought great, I'll park in my usual spot and head off. So I parked and walked up to the gates to discover they where still locked. So I stood for a few minutes figuring out what to do, time was precious because of work and I didn't want to be wasting time. I reckon I took too long decide because suddenly Angel ran under the gate and wouldn't come back. So I decided to climb over the gate thinking it would be no hassle and that I could go on my merry way.

So I climbed up swung a leg over and hey presto.......I was stuck, yeap stuck. My feet different directions, me the short ass that I am (all 5ft 1.5inches) stuck and nobody in sight. Thank god there was nobody in sight but I didn't know how I'd get off that gate. I stood kind of, with my leg dangling one side and a foot balancing on a bar the other. Stuck for a few minutes panicking, not really knowing what to do, eventually I managed to shimmy a little and get my other leg over the gate and jump to the ground. What a sight for sore eyes!!!!

One thing I will say is that I learnt to take risks and not to be afraid to laugh at myself, which I did out loud and felt great for.


  1. Hi Niamh, At least you got over it. If I did happen to get up on a gate I would be probably be still there!!!! Aiveen

  2. Oh thank you for sharing the "true side" of daily life...of us creatures (usually artists) that will jump (in your case climb!) and take risks. I assume you little pup came back no less to too late help you down lol. Just became a subbie of yours because of this adventure. Anyone who would not only scale a fence (I too am a "short ass" at the exact same height) but to then blog about it has my attention! Take care and blessings!

  3. It was very funny indeed, not that I'd recommend it.

  4. Thanks for becoming a follower Dana, Angel did come back to me just in time for a proper walk. I'm looking forward to checking out your blog too.

  5. Hi Niamh, afraid I'm with Aiveen, I just wouldn't of tried to climb, good on you,
    Yvonne xx