Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Acrylics & Canvas

I used to paint before I got into paper crafts and beading, then forgot all about it. Today I've spent the last two hours painting, using my acrylics on canvas something I've not done for a few years. Wow I've completely forgotten how therapeutic this can be and have seriously enjoyed myself too. It will be a few days before the painting is completed but I'm loving it so much already. The canvas as it stands is washed with blues and pinky/purple and looking at it I feel invigorated. Need to let this wash dry before I can do any more, which will hopefully be this evening.

When I attended art classes I had to follow the tutor's instruction and found myself painting landscapes which she expected, copying the work of others. There's nothing wrong with landscapes, I quite enjoy standing in front of them in a gallery or exhibition but it's more fulfilling to be able to express oneself more openly and go with what comes through the brush in a natural rhythm. I'm curious how this painting will turn out, so watch this space and soon their will be an original piece by Niamh....

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