Thursday, May 3, 2012

Silly Bitch - Angel & Her Antics

I have the most adorable female (bitch) Jack Rusell Terrier who I adore, but she can be quite silly at times. Just now, as I was cleaning my hallway, I opened the door to let her roam. When it came to looking for her, she couldn't be found, not at first any way. A few minutes later I found her in next doors back garden, she was looking out at me through the steel gate. How she got in I don't know but she certainly couldn't get back out again. My neighbour has a steel gate that has a slight gap between the gate and ground, so I can only imagine Angel climbed under. But she certainly couldn't climb back out. Thankfully there where some kids on the road so I called them and asked if they were any good at climbing, which they piped up "yes". I think it was a challenge for them, so they took on the challenge like men lol They looked at the dog, looked at the wall and between them formed a link to get my Angel out of the garden. What a silly little bitch I have and now she's off sulking!!

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